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Pregnant while breastfeeding no AF 26 months PP?

I still breastfeed my 26 month daughter quite regularly (especially during the night). My AF has not returned yet. Previous visits to the doctor showed thin endometrium, no ovarian activity whatsoever. I had enormous ovary pain a few weeks ago and went to the doctor again. She did an ultrasound and said that my endometrium was now thick and I was about to ovulate. I used OPK and I finally got a VERY positive OPK for 2 days in a row and we had unprotected sex all these days. Now I am 2 DPO (I think) and I have mild PMS and sensitive nipples (that was also so during the positive OPK). What do you think? I know it is too early to ask, but the wait is killing me.
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Am I Pregnant?


Yes, you can. So if you don't want to get pregnant. It's best to use a reliable form of birth control as soon as you start having sex again after your baby's birth. That said, it's true that you may not ovulate for several months (or even longer) after giving birth. Especially if you're exclusively breastfeeding your baby. After six months, you could start ovulating again at any time without knowing it. That's because your body is likely to release its first postpartum egg before you get your first period. So you won't know that you've ovulated until two weeks later. When you menstruate. If you want to use breastfeeding for natural family planning. Talk with your practitioner or a lactation consultant about your plan before your baby's birth.

Of women who choose not to breastfeed. Approximately 80% find their period has returned within 10 weeks. Breastfeeding can delay menstruation and ovulation for 20 weeks or more. But it is not uncommon to find your period returning sooner, or much later, than 20 weeks. There are differences among individual women and their hormone levels. So it’s difficult to say when a period will recommence after childbirth. Some women find their period returns the very next month after the birth and at the other end of the scale. Some women don’t menstruate until well after twelve months. For me it was even longer than that! I breastfed my first born until she was a little over two and then fell pregnant with baby number two. I didn’t have my period until my second born was 20 months old, when all overnight feeds had stopped. You can confirm from the doctor whether you are pregnant or not.

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