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Probably out 12 dpo BFN

I know you're not out until AF comes but I'm 12 dpo (due on 14 dpo) and still getting BFN's, where as everybody else is getting BFP's by now. We BD'd every day at the beginning of fertile week and then every other day(day before O day and after for a week). Here's my symptoms by DPO

6 dpo - nauseous, tired, sensitive nipples, GASSY, pelvic pain during sex
7 dpo - BURNING nipples. Tired, GASSY, emotional, mild pelvic pain, pinches in left side, cramps
8 dpo - emotional, vivid dreams, nausea, pin like feeling lower abdomen and pelvis
9 dpo - emotional, burning/hard nipples, cramping, exhausted, heartburn
10 dpo - sore/burning boobs from nipple to armpit, hard nipples, fatigue, cramps, left abdomen pain, headache
11 dpo - sensitive/burning nipples super emotional, exhausted, nauseous, headache, bloody nose when I blew it
12 dpo - sensitive/hard/burning nipples, tired, irritated, headache

A lot of these are in line with symptoms from my first son(except with him I had insanely sore and heavy breasts) but I can't help but feel upset and defeated. I know there's still a chance but in all honesty how much of a chance do I have? Shouldn't I at least have a squinter by now?

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Am I Pregnant?


That sounds very promising! Stay positive. Some people don't get bfp's until way late & certain tests honestly just suck. 

I am having the same symptoms but except for uncomfortable nipples, my boobs feel very heavy and sore even when I walk. Unfortunately if this is a pregnancy it is very unplanned for, but still welcomed.

currently I am 12 dpo and still getting a negative test.

my symptoms started around 2dpo when I had a lot of bloating and fatigue. The next day, 3dpo I experienced severe cramps in my lower abdomen, kind of my cervix area that only lasted for 3 hours. Then came the sore heavy boobs, loose stool, more bloating and gas, lotiony cm, headaches, neckaches, diziness, lower back soreness and mood swings. I've never had this many pms symptoms and it weirded me out that every symptom happened soon after ovulation vs closer to AF. I know that Progesterone is so tricky when it comes to recognizing early pregnancy. Period is due in 2 days so I will see, but does anyone have any similar experiences? I am trying to pretend the BFN is true but it is hard with all these crazy symptoms. 

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