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Provera 10mg....for 10 days


I got a depo-provera shot on June 10th this year, and had excessive bleeding starting about 3 weeks after the depo shot, I only had one shot. I then took birth control pills in July to settle the bleeding but I stopped taking them after two weeks cause the bleeding had stop....well it definitely returned up until November when I wasn't prescribed Provera 10mg pill for 10 days, it stopped my period at about day 5/6 off taking the pill.....I was told I was suppose to have a period within 14 days after stopping the medication. I had unprotected sex as soon as the bleeding stop and many days after. It is now 3 weeks today that I still haven't got a period. Prior to any of this I was regular, I ovulate on my etc. last couple of days I have been experience breast soreness that just keep getting more painful, white discharge, milky white, last week is was like snot like yellow mucus, some dry days but a wet feeling overall, cramping feels like my uterus is tight when I go from sitting to standing, mood swings (DH) is getting all the mood swings, light headaches and serious lower back pain.

However my question is has any one had these symptoms and ended up pregnant?
Have took provera and never got a period and was pregnant?

* I took a cheap dollar store brand pregnancy test a week ago it was negative not FMU. But I never tested again cause I didn't suspect pregnancy until now.

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