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Rainbow Baby?

I am hoping to have a rainbow baby a few years after my first pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage. I was 21 years old. Here are my symptoms:

Cycle day 20 : emotional, gas, pinching feeling lower abdomen right above bikini line

Cycle day 22 : bloating, frequent urination, fatigue and strong lower back pains.

Cycle day 23: lower back pain, sore boobs, and fatigue

Cycle day 24: joint pain, tender breasts, indegestion, fatigue and back pain

Cycle day 25 - current building in above symptoms including craving for cold back coffee and fired cheese cubes as well as burping is not normal at all for me and always THIRSTY.

On cycle day 22 & 25 I got a BFN SO FEELING DISAPPOINTED however these are identical to the symptoms I had with my last pregnancy. Feeling confused.

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