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Really confused :/

Hi Everyone. So I am normally on a 32-39 day cycle for period. I am currently on CD43. I have only starting tracking BBT this month and the same for cm or cp. I starting having ewcm on cycle day 38 so decided to take an ovulation test on cd40 once period was late and it came up positive straight away so I just assumed I must be ovulating very late this cycle. I have been feeling slightly off and can't put my finger on what feels different but I may just be symptom spotting. Anyway last night CD 42 I wiped around 10pm and had a very small amount of sticky almost orange/brown mucus. I assumed thats it period is starting but did think it was very strange that I have none of the usual cramps which I usually get and then period arrives within 2 hours. Woke up this morning and still very small amount only when I wipe then after bm there was more and this was definitely brown/ old blood. That was the last I have had today with colour the rest has since been ewcm and no cramps. Any idea's what is going on?

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