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Repost with update. Short light period.

Myself and my long term bf just closed on our first home together, the beginning of this month (just after AF ended) needless to say we were in total honeymoon phase. I have never charted, all I know is that my cycle is typically 28 days. I can't recall the extact date I started last month (I know the end of my cycle was near 7/4). this past Friday 7/21 I came down with an intense headache. Left work early due to it, went home and crashed from 2-6 woke up with a stomachache but was constipated. The headache is still lingering today 7/25 and since friday, I've had pretty heavy stomach cramping, dizzy spells and waves of nausea (similar to vertigo) still constpiated but I was up every hour last night to use the bathroom, that's when I noticed very loose stool. sunday I believe I had brownish spotting when I peed. My bf made a joke that I was pregnant but I quickly disregarded it waiting for AF to come before I jump to conclusions. However my curiosity got the best of me last night when I could barely choke down dinner and cleaning up after made me want to vomit, so I took a test but it was negative. So ladies thoughts? Comments? I'm aware it's early as I'm a little more than a week out for AF to return. Just confused and looking for answers
Soo my headache continues 8/4 , I went to urgent care 7/28 and they gave me ibuprofen 800mg. As I wasn't trying to conceive I've been taking 2 per day. One the morning before work and one and night before bed. Sunday evening I started my I was red in color but didn't get as heavy as usual. By Tuesday it was gone and I had light pink spotting. Only there when I wiped. So I tested Tuesday after work, negative. I feel bloated. I just called my dr to schedule my yearly exam and mentioned what was going on. The receptionist said to test again in a week...Although were not trying I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years, I'm 25 and he's 28. We just purchased our first home, closed July 11, my last cycle before this 2 day bleeding ended 7/6 once we moved in for 2 weeks straight we....did the dance multiple times a day using the pull out method.

Thought ladies?! Please I'm starting to stress out WAY to much at this point.

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