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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Scared to test!

I am 17dpo today. I'm 3 days late but am really scared to test! Besides sore boobs, which i get before af anyways - I've felt like af is coming for the last week.. Same cramping, 'period poops,' and constantly running to the bathroom bc I feel like af is here.

Am I Pregnant?


There is no need to test. I got a hint from my clinic in Kiev. You can just use your vaginal discharge to tell whether you are pregnant or not. When ovulating, your vaginal discharge will change in texture and consistency. Your discharge will become clear and slippery, like raw egg whites, as your body prepares to ovulate. After ovulation, the discharge becomes cloudy and thick, and then will disappear altogether. Aside from a pregnancy test, some early symptoms you might noticed by week 2 that indicate you’re pregnant include:Missed period. Moodiness. Tender and swollen breasts. Nausea or vomiting. Increased urination and fatigue.

I'm 4 days late, and have all the usual symptoms.. But I'm terrified to test. Terrified for 1 line, terrified for 2. Completely understand :'(

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