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Seeing symptoms...going crazy!

How is it that when you think you might be pregnant, you suddenly see symptoms that even MIGHT be there that you would never even clue into before?? Oh well. I guess that's why I'm here. This is my first cycle off BCP since my son was born (he's 18 months). I am pretty regular and when I came off the pill before I was regular. I am almost positive I ovulated on Dec 20th-21st. We BD'd around that time twice. That next week allnof a sudden I had mood swings that came out of left field! Hubby at one point on Wednesday stopped me and asked if something was bothering me, truly concerned because I snapped at him for no reason, which I never do! I try to go to bed early because I'm exhausted and I lay there and have horrible insomnia suddenly (with an 18 month old running around I usually hit the pillow and I'm out!). When I do fall asleep, I have had crazy vivid dreams and hot sweats. I have CM that is on againa and off again, but heavy when it's on. Constipation that also has come out of no where. I have cramps started two days ago, but now have gone away and AF isn't due until Jan. 4th. I never have cramps THAT early before AF, no blood or discharge beside CM. Also this tingling in my left breast started a few days ago and goes straight through my nipple, almost to the point of itching like CR-AZY! That I've never had before and that hasn't stopped.

I did break down and test yesterday morning with a cheap drugstore test with fmu (which apparently it said can be used upto day before period) but it's all I had so I tested and of course got a BFN which didn't surprise me but I was going nuts and it's all I had on hand ;) I got an FRER test and today (this morning when I get's 4am and I'm laying in bed and can't sleep) I will probably test. I will only be 10dpo but the test says 6 days before missed period and I'm 4 days out so what they hey. I didn't have all these symptoms with my first. I was just really tired and that was it! So am I crazy or just first cycle off the pill screwing with my head? Thanks for any insight! I will keep you updated!

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Well I tested that night I posted at 10dpo and BFN. And then I tested again at 12dpi, and again BFN with a FR. last night we were having dinner and nothing tasted right. The onions were waaaay too strong and the Swiss cheese was sooo bitter. I asked my husband if his tastes okay and he gave me a side eye like he knew and I didn't think anything of it. Well I woke up this morning with cramps and today is the day AF is supposed to come so I thought, okat mystery solved. Nope! Went to the bathroom and nothing. Just gas *sorry TMI*. So I pulled out a cheapo test and there it was a BFP. I get out of the bathroom wash my hands and then go to wash my face and damn my skin is sensitive...just like with my first! My husband said, "I knew it last night when you asked me about the cheese and onions..." 

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