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So Confused

Hello....I did the baby dance Tuesday 4days before I was due to ovulate On Saturday. A few days after my supposed ovulation day (Monday) I had really bad digestion, frequent bowl movements and bloating. The next day (Tuesday) I had the same symptoms and the worst heartburn after eating a salad. Wednesday I had indigestion still going to the bathroom and slight nausea. (Thursday) I was so hungry with frequent bathroom runs. Friday slight cramping, shortness of breath and mild indigestion. Saturday and Sunday indigestion, mood swing crying just looking at my children, hungry but unable to eat a lot and feeling sick with stuffy nose. This morning (Monday) woke up with really bad heartburn, gas, and gaging as if I’m about to vomit. After checking a implementation calculator website between Saturday and Wednesday I’m due to implant. Please ladies tell me what you think I’m so confused.

Am I Pregnant?


Well after waiting the two weeks I can confirm that my question has been answered I am pregnant I got a BFP last night after I thought is was negative. I did not follow the directions and threw it away, but something told me to look at it the morning and there the pink line was. I thought i may have been an evap line so I got a FREPT ( First Response Early Detection) early this morning and I got another BFP. Because I have a 26 day cycle I am not a candidate for the 6-5 day sooner HPT ( Home Pregnancy Test) I had to wait until the day before my period was suppose to start.

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