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So confused

Okay, I’v Been battling with my self for a few weeks now if I’m pregnant or not. Firstly my period is never late and is always smack on time. My period was 4 days late I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative or (evapline) not entirely sure. So I wake up and go pee and I wipe and there’s bright red blood just a little bit, so I think I’ve finally got my period. My periods normally last 5 - 6 days it lasted 3 days of bright red blood not heaps and no clots only enough for liners (I normally use supper tampons or soak through pads. The fourth day however was brown discharge and light pink blood with lots of cm and just stops on the 5th day If anyone’s gone through the same thing or can help please would be very very greatful.
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Am I Pregnant?


I am sorry to spill the beans on you. According to what you have shared I don't think if you are pregnant. There is no way that you will be on your periods and still pregnant. I believe that you are really optimistic. Which is not bad at all. Looking for a child can make you desperate but believe me. The day will just come. But that day is not today. But still you can confirm from a hpt. Or you can also go to a clinic. That would ve the best assurance. Just to encourage you since things aint going the way you expected. Keep on being positive. Believe that things will one day work out. In one way or the other. So do not give up yet. There is a future ahead.

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