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So confused!

My LMP was 3/25. I ovulated and had unprotected sex on 4/4, and then I started spotting 4/10. The spotting turned into light (for me) bleeding that lasted less than 36 hours. The bleeding was red, but never got as heavy as it usually does. I also had back pains, but when I felt cramping, it was just the tightness that I felt with very little to no pain. I took a pregnancy test 4/13 and it came back negative. I started getting nausea, sore breasts and fatigue, so I tested on 4/18 (which is when my period was supposed to start) and again, negative. I am having some slight cramping, and on 4/19, I had very light spitting a couple of times, but only when I wiped. The symptoms are still going on, but no sign of a period as of today (4/20). Has anyone else experienced something similar and gotten a positive pregnancy test?
Thank you!

Am I Pregnant?


Hmmm, that's interesting. Spotting blood, either in the form of brown discharge or more obvious blood, often indicates that there's a hormonal imbalance or change going on. That can happen if you're pregnant too of course. But the negative pregnancy tests basically rule that out. It's also possible for that kind of thing to be caused by reproductive conditions like PCOS and endometriosis. And then, it's possible you just had a slight injury from energetic sex or sport or something. In any case, if you're worried, definitely make an appointment to be seen by your doctor to get some peace of mind. A friend who just gave birth three weeks ago, said that she tested negative until she was 9 weeks pregnant. Anyone hear of that possibility? I am wondering if there is still any chance you could be pregnant.

I was the one who originally posted this question. As of today, I am 9 days late and still have symptoms. I tested yesterday, and got a BFN. It's going to be a couple of weeks before I can get into my doctor, so I'm just going to have to wait and see. Part of me is still being hopeful, but I just really want to find out what's going on. Thank you for your responses!

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