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So confused and in seek of serious advice.. am I pregnant?

Hi ladies so here is my story. My husband and I have been together for 13 years we have 5 gorgeous little boys and decided to start trying for baby number 6 3 months ago. You would think I am a pro at this by now but all of my BFP stories have been different so I believe anything is possible and I do not believe I am preg untill about a million bfp's confirm it. Lol. December came off the mini pill, January 13th had my first proper period since coming off birth control. Lasted a full 7 days normal red blood nothing unusual so that is when the rollercoaster began. Kept track of all the times we dtd thru the ovia fertility app and unsure how long a cycle i was on i was going by previous periods before the pill anything from a 28 day cycle to 31 day cycle so as the cycle days went past i had ALOT of symptoms pointing to pregnancy... cramping,sore boobs, nausea, headaches, exhausted all the time and the biggest one sooooo hormonal and moody for 2 weeks...crying at the drop of a hat and falling out with everyone my husband said my moods have been so up and down lately anyway no period at all managed to get to cycle day 35 and kept testing BFN and I'm thinking what is wrong with me. So Friday 16th wake up to red blood when wipe log as period started on ovia app just assume I am on long cycles after birth control but later that night I have the sorest boobs ever and I almost throw up over my dinner which I never do i have an iron stomach proceed to cry about anything my husband does decide to take last FRER and I get blood on test but I get bang huge BFP within a min no mistake 150million percent positive I have always used this brand first before digi so we are elated. Next morning BFN and bfn every day after that on all diff brands but symptoms continue and the bleeding is weird on the Saturday morning (17th) like a massacre has occured by the Sunday (18th) it has gotten so light no need for tampon. Monday (19th) it's is completely gone Tuesday (20th) it comes back but only when wipe and now here is the weird part yesterday (Thursday 21st) it's non existent but when I go to the bathroom at 11am and wipe I have pink watery cervical mucus on the loo roll and I am so happy as I think that it is a pregnancy symptom as I only get that when preg. This morning (22nd) it's completely dried up and I have not tested in 3 days I am too scared to... I wish I hadn't tested again after my frer bfp on Friday night.. I have been googling non stop and it is now 7 days since my bfp and only explanation I have for the pos hpt is that the hcg was picked up in the blood that got on to the test rather than the urine. And it was all too early for urine to pick up hormone. Also with my 4th son I had a 'period' for a full 7 days around time period was due and tested a week after and was 5 weeks pregnant. I am so confused I have went from a bfp to bfn and pink watery cm and in limbo now I don't know what to think I am going out my mind and would love other women with similar experiences to share their stories. Maybe i am just clutching at straws?? But that bfp is so positive (have made it my profile pic) thanks ladies x
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