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So confused and only on CD9

Sorry a bit long but I am so confused about this cycle! So hiii I’m a lurker here (and other forums like this lol) and have been going through these forums to learn about my cycle. Me and BF are not ttc, but not preventing either, just kind of going with the flow! Since we decided we wouldn’t actively prevent it a few months back I’ve started tracking my cycles, and each month I discover more and more symptoms that are actually just PMS! Thing is we’ve had unprotected sex around ovulation day during several cycles, and nothing happens. I was starting to suspect my O day was coming earlier or later than I thought. This month was really odd. Last month I experienced such different symptoms than usual I thought for SURE I was pg! Then I was over a day late and was like “Yep I knew it!!!” And then af showed.... but very, very slowly? Usually I have a little light brown cm a day before I start (typically around 13 or 14dpo), then cramps start up and within 5 hours red spotting, and within 3 hours flow becomes enough for a tampon, and by the end of the day is very heavy! Last cycle I got the brown cm and knew my period was coming, but it was strange because the spotting started around 9DPO, so I thought either IB or early period! Then it kind of went away until 13/14 DPO I started getting yellow jelly like CM. I had seen a lot of women say they saw this before a BFP so I got my hopes up that the brown spotting was Ib after all! Then the next day in the afternoon light pink spotting, that stayed light all day! I was hoping it was just more ib, since it’s normally heavy enough for a tampon a few hours after starting, but then the next day it did get heavy, dark red, and needed to swap out tampons every couple hours. So heavy it soaked through one tampon and all over my jeans within 3 hours of putting it in! So regular af after all... But then it ended after only 3.5 days! Normally it starts tapering off around day 4, with enough spotting day 5 for a tampon and light spotting by end of day 5 and sometimes early day 6 that just shows up on tp. But mid day on the 4th day it was so light I didn’t even need a tampon anymore! I was very confused but chalked it up to stress cause bf was going out of town. So then for like 2 days I was pretty dry, normal for after af. And then randomly 4 days after finishing the very short period I started getting a bunch of that yellow jelly/snot like cf again with like tiny strings of red. It was just like ewcm but yellow. I have no idea what’s going on!! My cervix felt very soft and open, and I had that cf for 3-4 days, and then it started getting dry and sticky again????? So I’m not sure what’s going on with this cycle, I’m sure I’m reading into it like I usually do, but anyone with a bit more knowledge have any explanation for what could be happening? My only thought is possible ovulation, but I wasn’t sure cause it started on CD7 and now on cd10 it’s completely dry and cervix feels FLCD again! I’m so confused!

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