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So confused help please?

Hey all. So here goes. My af is now 10days late last month it was actually two days early very unusual as i am usually same date each month spot on i have an app that keeps track of af too. Anyways i have taken a number of hpts ranging from expensive to cheap all coming back bfn. I have had symptoms for over a week now from sore breasts,nausea,cramping and most recent lower back pain. I have searched the net so much for help i am driving myself cook coo! With my first pregnancy that ended in mc i got bfp first test. With my second with my ds also bfp just days after missed period. I know each is different but still my mind likes to overthink. I have been doing driving lessons and test which i failed so i am wondering could it just be stressed related even tho i have had periods previous months why doing these. Any help similar stories or help would be more than appreciated sorry for the long read folks.

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I don't think all that could be from stress related. With me, (I know every woman isn't the same), when I have high stressful moments like tests, I don't get any of the symptoms you listed off. But do keep track of what symptoms you do have so you can find out if you are positive or not.

I had a similar situation a few years ago. My pd was very late like 45 days. I never got a bfp. Then my next cycle when it finally came I can say felt like labor. I always wondered if it was a molar pregnancy. If your HCG is too high it won't register on hpt. I would go to the doctor and get blood work to be sure.

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