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So SO tired at 12dpo!

So, my husband and I started trying for baby number 2 this cycle. I don't want to get my hopes up that it would happen so quickly, but I really "feel" pregnant.

The most telling sign is the sheer level of fatigue I'm running on. Like, the thought of typing up an account of my cycle is just an exhausting prospect when all I want to do is sleep.

Our son is 3 and a half and I'm trying to remember and compare to that pregnancy. I DO remember the early fatigue.

So here goes:

Date of last period: 4/24
Ovulation: 5/7
BD: 4/30, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/5, 5/7, 5/8, 5/11, 5/13 (busy and fatigued so no sex for a week) 5/18
OD: Mild cramping, CP low and soft, eggwhite CM, slight dizziness
1dpo: very mild cramping
2dpo: cramping, increased appetite, bloating, loose bowels, dizziness
3dpo: mild cramping, breasts slightly tender, loose bowels
4dpo: low-grade fever, headache, backache, loose bowels, mild fatigue, mild nausea, lightning crotch pains
5dpo: low-grade fever, headache, cramping, backache, loose bowels, mild dizziness, fatigue
6dpo: low-grade fever, mild cramping, dizziness, fatigue, irritable
7dpo: No symptoms
8dpo: mild cramping, increased appetite, breast tenderness, backache, bloating, dizziness, irritable, slight nausea
9dpo: low-grade fever, dizzy, major anxiety at work (not normal), bloating, SO fatigued, breast tenderness, cramping
10dpo: low-grade fever, dizzy, random crying at a commercial, fatigue, mild nausea, CM increased and creamy (not drying up like I should be) cervical position medium and soft, like puckered lips, trouble focusing, insomnia, fatigue
11dpo: mild cramping, metallic almost bloody taste in my mouth, breasts tender and enlarged and feel a bit firmer, backache, bloating like a balloon, dizziness, low-grade fever, fatigue,
12dpo: low-grade fever, cramping, feels like AF is coming, but . . . that's how I felt with my son . . . headache, bloating, dizziness and SO SO SO fatigued . . . just want to sleep, ugh!!!

Here in Japan, there really isn't access to early detection HPT, so I'm waiting until I miss my period. Initially, I told myself I was going to wait until I was a week late, since that's when I tested with my son, but don't know if I can wait that long. From what I've read about tests in Japan, they are only 99% accurate if you test one week after your missed period, so we'll see how long I can hold out, assuming AF doesn't show up and steal the show.

AF is currently 2 days out, so we will see!

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Wow... your symptoms sound pretty "text book" pregnancy! (Especially the lightning crotch which I only experienced when I was preggo). Hope this is it for real! Good luck!

I started light bleeding yesterday morning (a day early), which I was hoping was spotting, but got slightly heavier. Weird thing, it's equal parts brown and red. I know the brown is good, but the red is bad. I'm waiting it out to see how my flow looks this morning (it's currently 5am and my son has kept me up since 3:30) but I'm not holding out much hope. 

I'm just so baffled how my body could so completely fool me. I must've been fighting off an illness or something. The low-grade fever for a week was bizarre, especially since it lowered as soon as I started bleeding.

Bled like crazy last night.

Awww that sucks. Was really hopeful for you. Thx for updating tho. FXd for next cycle.

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