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SO unlikely

I am almost 4 months post partum with my 3rd child. I am exclusively breastfeeding. We only had unprotected sex once, when I was about 8 weeks postpartum. Being pregnant never even remotely crossed my mind because it would be the most unlikely thing ever, right?

Until 4 days ago, I got that oh so familiar feeling like little bubbles in my uterus. And I thought, strange that feels like early baby movements. But it can't possibly be. Yet I continued to randomly feel it all day. That evening I was like this is so weird I wonder what that is and why it keeps happening. Then I had an OMG moment. Is this why I have been having random unexplained heartburn? And bizarre dreams? And am peeing more than usual? And had 2 odd bouts of nausea? And why my ears feel all fluid-y? (Maybe not a real popular preg symptom but I get it EVERY time) Then I thought. No. That's insane. What are the odds? Like almost none. So I immediately went and got a pregnancy test so that I could squash that little voice in my head right away. I took it at 11pm (because with how far along I'd 'have' to be i figured it didn't matter if it wasn't fmu) and it was negative. Of course. So the next morning when I saw the test sitting there I looked at it again and saw a faint line, but that's because I looked at it outside the window of time, right? I told myself I'm being nuts and threw it away. So I was like okay. Not pregnant. Except that fluttery feeling is still periodically happening. And it's been 4 days of it. And if you Google things you can find stories of people getting bfn until they are many weeks months preg and you can find stories of people who get pregnant while exclusively breastfeeding and I'm driving myself crazy. Tell me I'm not pregnant. There's no way, right?

Side note, my period never returned since being pregnant. So that adds to my confusion and also to the unlikelihood that I would have conceived that one time.

Am I Pregnant?


If you want to be sure you have to go see your doctor. If it is any consolation, I have been getting the baby fluttery feeling several times a month for some time. I have a two-year old and am definitely not pregnant now. I haven't had sex in about 10 months, so it can be unrelated. But see your doctor just in case.

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