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Spotting after period

I'm 28 years old. I have 25 day cycle which is not that regular. Can vary a week or so. Whenever I'm on my period, the last day, it stops for the last half of the day and comes back later the next day and then, it's done. It had stopped for half the day on 10/14 and I had sex with my boyfriend. It came back a little the next day and that was the last day. On 10/17, I had dark red spotting, that I noticed when I wiped. After that, it was barely there light pink, brownish, just when I wiped, for almost the rest of the day. That's never happened before, that far after starting my period (would of been day 8, if my period had kept going) and after being done for a couple days already and already doing it's stop then go thing. I have an app that says, my ovulation is a week after my period. Not sure how true that is. I've been having a lot of gas and my tailbone hurt pretty bad, like I injured it, on and off, for a few days but, didn't hurt sometimes and I didn't hurt it. My boobs also haven't started hurting yet and usually do by now and last until I get my period. Has something like this happened to anyone else? Can you get implantation that soon? I had a gyno doctor appointment a couple months ago and he said, I look completely normal and pap smear was fine.

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