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“Spotting” twice while BF?

BF my nearly 4 month old baby. Periods haven’t returned yet. First sign of any bleeding postpartum on 11/13: Experienced a glob of light pink colored EWCM discharge and left side ovary pain and a backache. Had a lot of PMS symptoms. PMS symptoms disappeared and I experienced mild cramps, an uncomfortable bloated feeling, and I wiped a big smear of light tan blood mixed with discharge. Didn’t touch my liner. By morning, it was a light watery pink on the TP. Muscles ache, back aches, hips ache, head aches, exhausted, sore, veiny, and tender breasts (extremely sensitive), vivid dreams, frequent urination, certain smells trigger me, experiencing food cravings... I haven’t had any more bleeding since the day after Thanksgiving, could I be pregnant? All I’ve been getting are BFNs on First Response Early Results. I was told it could be normal while breastfeeding but I’m not spotting in my underwear at all! Am I pregnant??

Am I Pregnant?


BFN this morning

Another BFN last night, but, I noticed before that, I had a very slight amount of watery light pink spot on my toilet paper; I was lucky to have caught it. My friend told me that the creamed peach/beige colored bleeding could have been an ovulation sign... has anyone else heard of that? I’m experiencing mood swings, tenderness and bloating in pelvis, a “pricklingL sensation in my vagina (clear of any UTIs), sore underarms, and fatigue... also dizzy spells and sometimes I’m bending over because my gravity is shifting... plus the lower back aches seem different... I’ve only been experiencing these symptoms for a little over a day now... I think my dates were wrong but I’m definitely experiencing something. Either I’m pregnant or period will be here in a couple of days I’m thinking! Will test Monday morning and I have an appointment on Wednesday to get checked again; will most likely have my blood drawn. Will keep updating!

11/13 is supposed to be 11/23**

If I count Thanksgiving as my ovulation day (when I had some pretty bad cramps and creamy peach-colored bleeding) followed by watery discharge (compared to now where I’m bloating, experiencing extremely mild period cramps more like a stomach ache, and lower back and hip aches), I would be 12/13dpo?? Maybe even less than that... but these do these look positive? I took them a day apart and one look darker... I drink a lot of water so maybe that’s why they’re so light? Opinion???

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