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Still early but what do you think

I have been on the nuvaring for a year or so. I had my lmp 1.23.17. I figured my cycle would be off because of that so I'm not sure my usual cycle. I'm not using opk, but mostly going off ewcm as my ovulation indicator. I'm counting the first day of ewcm as ovulation day just to make typing days easier.

1.31.17 first day of ewcm bd
1dpo ewcm bd
2dpo ewcm bd
3dpo no noticeable symptoms but bd just in case
4dpo cramping and pressure in abdomen under belly button to the left. Constipated, I think anyway every time I try to go it's just gas. No bd today
5dpo sore nipples like someone turned a radio dial for 10 hours. Pressure under belly button. Constipated/gas. Smelled a cookie turned out to be a candle I didn't know was on. Smelled great like vanilla. Bd with husband felt like normal vaginally but my belly button area feels like if I don't keep my hand there my uterus is going to come out. It's not painful, just distracting. Also so excited down there I thought I would slide off him from the moisture lol Cramps here and there left by hip/belly button. Was trying to get a soccer game recorded for husband, long story short I had to get a new cable box drive 50 miles round trip to get it that day, turns out the game was postponed I cried for 10 minutes. I had to go in my art studio by myself to calm down.
6dpo Smelled the same candle in my roommates closed room I didn't know was on. Asked her about it cause it was making me sick with a headache. She turned it off I could smell it 2 hours later still though it was off. Turns out it was Pumpkin cake candle. Smelled really terrible that day. Pressure and cramps on left side by hip again. Gas. Not as constipated feeling but I'm very regular and go in morning. This day I went four times but all bm's were small. Noticed my nipple are really red and my areolas are normalish colored but I feel like they may be darker. It's like two toned lol. Same pressure in abdomen when bd. Cramps in same area. Holy night sweats. Fan turned on still sweating.
7dpo loose stool like 4 times. Sore red nipples still. At end of day bm is back to not much and constipated/gassy feeling. A little runny nose early in day. Candle from earlier was on and back to smelling great like vanilla. Pressure in middle by panty line under belly button. Usually I get mad fast on the road, this car almost hit my husband's side of car while I was driving. Instead of going off I just was serenely calm but drove obsenely slow and I was stunned I didn't scream and blow up at him. Night sweats again. No heat on and the fan is on. Comforter was drenched
8dpo blanket brushed nipple and it hurt. Pinching/pulling in middle under belly instead of to left.

For the first days of ewcm, cervix was soft high almost gone so high, open and wet. After 4dpo was still high but felt soft and closed, has stayed that way since. I'm always hot tempered and moody so that's hard to tell. My appetite if I am hungry I feel ravenous then I eat 4 bites and I'm full. I couldn't even eat my usual serving of mac and cheese which is my favorite. This happened on 5dpo and 3dpo. But for the most part nothing sounds good. I usually have a decent appetite. I usually sleep the night through but between sweating, waking up starving, flat out being awake without a thought in my head (also unusual if I'm up I'm anxious), or having to pee. Urination seems more but I'm drinking less if anything.

I have had a pelvic injury 7 years ago and have pelvic floor dysfunction but my urination is usually pretty normal, no incontinence. I wonder if that's the odd bd pressure though.

What do you guys think?

Am I Pregnant?


8dpo continued. bd 2 times with husband. Felt hot flashes on and off all morning and afternoon. Moody. Fell asleep on couch at 1030 which is really early for me. When I went to go upstairs and when I got there I was ravenous I had to come back down to eat something. I peed a lot through out the night. And this morning and last night my cervix is still high and soft and closed. Cm is scant, but lotiony 

Felt pretty normal. But last night even after I went to get a snack I was thinking about a chicken taco I had for lunch. Woke up had a snack. Took a nap from 1230 to 145 which i usually don't do. husband and i went to get the tacos for lunch again. Was feeling hungry by the time we had run some errands maybe 2 hours after lunch. Prepared a marinade and had some veggies while doing that. Had a friend over and cooked a big meal. Ate a large plate and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours after she left. I had some sharp pains in the area where I broke my pelvis. I had diarrhea then took a shower and had to get out to go again before i finished showering. I'm up a little later than normal but not sure if that's the naps or sodas I had. Bd with husband mostly normal, though I was feeling full I had a snack after my shower and second nap. I really don't nap especially on my husband's days off but 2 naps is very unusual. Urine is light yellow, feels like we are tearing through toilet paper so I may be going more. 

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