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Still TTC baby #1

We've been trying for a year now unfortunately had a miscarriage but had to stop because I broke my lower leg and ankle :( I'm finishing up my physical therapy and we talked about TTC again. Since we weren't trying we were just using the pull out method and avoiding fertile weeks. But we ended up doing it the day of ovulation and I am now 9DPO. And having all kinds of symptoms. I had a fever, headache which has slightly gotten better but I'm still generally hotter than normal. My boobs are getting heavier and so painful. And I've been gassy but that has stopped. At around 7dpo I had twinges and cramps. And now at 9DPO I've got stronger cramps. Now sore breast and some cramps aren't unusual who're AF but it's never been so intense or so painful. I'm holding out until Wednesday(14dpo) to test. But I have this gut feeling that this just might be it because I had similar symptoms with my first pregnancy. Fever litany of cramping pains and painful breast. Any inputs? Similiar situations? Etc?

Am I Pregnant?


Hey how did your Test come out? BFP? I had similar pregnancy symptoms after ovulating then ended up BFN when I was trying which made me had my hopes up. After some cycles try and err I concluded some tips that really worked for me, maybe you wanna try them out? Here is the link Best of luck!

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