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Strange last period and hoping this cycle is it

My DD was born 11/2014, we were able to get pregnant the first month trying. This time, we have not been as fortunate. This is our 4th month TTC. And if we are not pregnant this cycle, we have to wait another couple of months to try again because I'm a teacher and don't have tenure. Here are the details: LMP started 09/29--very, very light period for only several days, which was pink and orangey, as if cm mixed in. BPNs. Wonder if I didn't ovulate that cycle? I usually have 30-35 day cycles. CD12--BD CD13--cramps CD15--BD CD18--cramps, ewcm (I think I ovulated that day) 2DPO--cramps, light spotting when wiped, cm 3DPO--cramps, cm, thirsty, 5DPO--cramps, feel blood rushing down around vagina 6DPO--cramps, same blood rushing 7DPO--snotty cm, same blood rushing 8DPO--snotty cm, blood rushing 9DPO--BFN, blood rushing 11DPO--cramps, BFN, blood rushing 13DPO--period due (by chart, but obviously not if Od a day later than expected), BFN 14DPO--No period, BFN, blood rushing, overly emotional, expect period to start, cramping pretty badly What do you all think? Should I give up hope?
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Am I Pregnant?


So now 16DPO and BFN. Sore boobs, uber emotional, feeling same blood rushing sensation, very hungry. I just want to get my period so I can go on with my life. Hahaha. I haven't had sore boobs with my periods since before I had my daughter. She only weaned about 5 months ago (at 2.5 yrs). I'm so out of whack.

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