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Strange symptoms! Really hoping this is the month!

Ok.. having strange symptoms and am really hoping this is my month...

0-3 Dpo. Nothing but Af symptoms?

4-5 Dpo. Really hot all the time. Especially at PM. Like hot flashes. Heartburn.

6 Dpo. Sudden sharp pain in my right breast. Woke me up. Feel sick. Heartburn. Backache.

7 Dpo. Bad aches in my arms and legs. Can't get comfortable enough to sleep. Hot. Waking up to eat. Emotional. Bad heartburn. Bloated.

8 Dpo. Prickly/needle like feeling in my left areola. Never felt this way before. Af symptoms. Keep checking, but nothing. Lower backache. Bloated.

9 Dpo. Pelvic bone pain? On right then left. Af cramps. Tender BBs. Emotional. Arms hurt. Heartburn. Bloated. Waking up to eat.

10 Dpo. Vivid dreams. Don't want to get my hopes up. On and off aching sides of BBs. Stomach pain. Pulling sensation around my belly button. Back pain. Loss of breath. Light headed.

11 Dpo. Abdominal pressure. Sure Af is coming. No tenderness in BBs. Bloating. Especially after eating. Waking up to eat. Metallic taste. Like minty blood?

12 Dpo. Feel strange. Really hopeful. Metallic taste. Felt nauseous in AM. No Af. Wet feeling. Hungry all the time. Waking up to eat. Pulling in bellybutton. Pelvic discomfort.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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