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Stressed and Worried Do I still have hope?

I tried to keep things in and not reach out and just stay positive I'm on cycle 8 in trying to get pregnant. We just had out first IUI on January 2nd (100 mg clomid and Ovidrel trigger) Untrasound my RE found 2 eggs maturing at 19mm and I'm 12 days DPO. I had a BFN this morning and my heart broke. Even with all my symptoms, I am so scared I'm not pregnant yet again. On Thursday and Friday Jan 11th and 12th. I had so much pain in my lower stomach and on my left side. I keep having the sensations like stitches in my side and in my lower stomach. TMi I;ve been bloated and gassy and some breast tenderness. But the BFN today made me feel so hopeless. My cycle is usually on point. I mean by 11 `12 days DPO I am spotting or seeing signs of AF., But nothing so far. I was reading that if my pain was implantation that its still to early to see a BFP since it was only two days ago. I have my blood test on Tuesday but terrified its still negative. I don't want to set myself up for my hopes to be dashed. Has anyone else had a BFP after 12 days DPO with IUI, anyone else in my boat right now? My temps are high too and I put the link to my chart below. Thanks everyone.

Am I Pregnant?


You just tested and found out taht it was negative. Do you still believe that something else will work out. How I wish I had positive results. But I am afraid taht you might not be pregnant. Or if I may help a bit. I think you should just wait a little longer. Since you said that you are always not late. And this time it feels like you are so much late. Then there might be some hope at the end of the day. I do hope that it does nit disappoint you. Since you seem rather positive about it. I do know going through such a period. When things feel like they are finally going to work out. Only to get some disappointment. So for the time being just assume all the pressure around. Till when the symptoms are in a way you can no longer assume.

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