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Sudden Cramps

Hi there,
Trying to conceive for the first time. Been off b.c. for 3 cycles including this one. I am 11-12 dpo (I know based on ovulation predictor kits and checking CM). I do not track BBT anymore because it seemed to fluctuate like crazy and I wake up so often in the middle of the night that I believe I was getting incorrect readings. Primary symptom over past week has been breast pain, not horrible, but achy. I have woken up to shoots of pain going through my right breast. I stood up at my desk a few dpo and had a pain in my lower back that turned immediately to a dull ache and lasted only a few minutes. Experienced nausea, but only one evening while laying in bed. I went to the bathroom and put a finger down my throat desperate to throw up. Just some acid came up. No more nausea since then. Today, 4-5 days before I would normally expect AF, I am experiencing low abdominal cramps, very light, almost don't notice them. I do not typically cramp, but ever since I got off my b.c., the cramps are really bad. Tested this morning, BFN so far.

I am worried these cramps today are for my period, but hoping they might be implantation cramps. Or is it too late for that? Does it sound like I could be pregnant?

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