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Hi ladies, I could really use some help! I have searched the internet non-stop for any kind of answer. Last month (September) I was expected to get my period, however it came 12 day late. My period normally lasts 3 days, having the 4th day that dry, spot like blood. Well the night it "came" I had wiped, and there was light pink blood on the toilet paper. This is not something that I get before my period. Normally, it just starts with dark/bright red blood. So I had put a tampon in, and went about my evening at home. When I went to use the restroom shortly after, I took the tampon out, and there was a very tiny amount of dry blood, and a sliver of fresh red blood. That wasn't so unusual for me. What was weird, was when I wiped **sorry TMI moment** I noticed this small piece of stringy/clotty blood came out on the tampon. This all took place September 4-6th, after I missed my period in October. When I put another tampon in, the applicator had not one thing of blood on it. By the second day, it was so spotty...hardly had a heavy flow, which is not like me. I bleed heavy for 2-3 days and 4th day is light. Then it just stopped and there was no dry blood for a day or two after. Fast forward to 3 weeks later, I woke up on Tuesday, September 25th around 5am, with an excruciating migraine. I have had headaches in the past, but nothing this bad. The week before i noticed I was coming down with a cold. Achy body, loss of appetite, upset stomach. Runny/congested nose and a sore throat. This headache had me down the entire day, I slept and couldn't eat. I woke up dry heaving intensely over the toilet. I had chills, certain food could make me gag. My boyfriend was making coffee in the kitchen and the smell had me so nauseated. This weak, and nausea feeling lasted for 6 day. I was able to move around, which was odd, normally with the flu you are knocked down. I still had food abrasions. I never actually threw up, just extreme nausea. I wanted jack in the box tacos, so my boyfriend got them for me, ate them so quickly. I noticed I had lost about 10 pounds in this two week period. But this was due to lack of appetite. I am a very outgoing, exciting person with TONS of energy, all the time, all day long. When I say that I had fatigue, I mean, I am down, can not get off the couch, or stop napping. I wake up from a 8-10 hour of sleep and feel like I need to sleep for another 8 hours! I also am dry now, but I am still getting this stringy, clear, jelly like CM and per my period tracker, it says that my period is due in 3 days. Last night I noticed that I was getting strong cramping pains on my right side of my uterus, it was a pulling, dull achy feeling, then it went away. I have been constipated for about 5-7 days. Can not poop! I can finally eat again, and I am eating protein and I still can't go number 2! I feel so bloated. I am able to pass gas, every so often, but when it comes to burping I am doing a whole lot of that. My hips are also hurting, and feeling sore as well as my thigh and knee. Overall my joints are achy. I have been having very vivid dreams as well, every night. Hoping that someone can give me any advice/insight if this has happened to them before getting a BFP? I have take two dollar store test and they come back negative. Prior to getting my negative, when I originally was late on my period for 12 days, I took a dollar store test and immediately a white indent line appeared.

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