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Thinking Positive w/o Getting My Hopes Up...

First things first, I have PCOS and have had irregular cycles forever - until this year. I've had "regular" cycles since March, but my cycles are generally ~35 days long, with positive OPK usually around day 22ish. I had a not-quite dark enough to be a true positive OPK on 7/13 (enough to be able to predict a true positive should be within the next 3ish days), but then went on vacation and forget to take the tests with me. Hubby has his own issues with ED, so we typically use the (my terminology) "cum in a cup" method with a syringe (yes, it's all sterile - we both are medical professionals; we know what we're doing), but this time around we tried the flexcup/softcup method instead. So we did that the evening of 7/14.

Fast forward to last week. I started having occasional nausea (in waves), breast tenderness/itching, hormonal moodiness and some headaches...along with really bad insomnia, fatigue, and somewhat more frequent urination. Ok cool, sounds like early pregnancy symptoms - or upcoming period symptoms. VERY minor cramping 7/23. Dollar store hcg tests on 7/24 & 7/31 negative. Last few days nausea (in waves), insomnia & fatigue have definitely increased. Plus just a general "weird/funky" feeling throughout my lower abdomen. I should mention that I generally have breast tenderness, moodiness, and some occasional mild cramping 3ish days before a period - but this all feels a bit different somehow. Anyway, I bought ClearBlue tests last night, took one this morning. Looked negative - but I looked at it from every angle in the best light I could find. There MAY have been (and I stress the MAY) an extremely faint outline of a line in the vertical/positive line of the +.

Now, I pride myself on not having "line eyes" and being realistic/practical along with optimistic (with the tests and presenting symptoms). I didn't even take a picture of it because I'm nowhere near convinced that it was there, and it wouldn't have really shown on a pic anyway. Obviously, I'll wait a few days and take the other test, but here's the thing: IF I'd have had a positive OPK on 7/16, I'd have actually ovulated within the next day-ish. Since the sperm can live 3-5 (closer to 3) days up there, there's a CHANCE that it all could have worked out (especially considering the symptoms). I'm now on CD42 and 17ish days post-ovulation. By now I SHOULD have had a period or a BFP test, right? Taking the PCOS into consideration, plus the fact that I've lost 40lbs since November (and the hormones act all sorts of screwy in that process - but "regular" cycles for ~5 months now), my body is a bit funky....opinions?

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