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This TWW must be in dog years...

I just love reading these boards, and thought I'd contribute--hopefully soon with a BFP story. But for now I'm still in the dreaded and hopeful two week wait. Which I believe must be in dog years, because it seems like it's taking foreverrrrrr. I am bursting with excitement and anticipation and though I'd use this board as an outlet to distract myself and get some feedback :)

Husband and I had to use donor sperm from CCB and we used the at home insemination method-ICI using Mosiebaby syringes & Softcups...and of course, legs in the air! for about 20-30 minutes, either reading or meditating during that time.
Ovulation date was the December 18th.
The months leading up to this month, my cycle was in the 30-31 day range, but I believe I had a long(er) luteal phase in November, possibly because of the stress at Thanksgiving? Which pushed my cycle back to 35 days!
We did the deed on the 17th in the morning and in the evening of the 18th.
Two days after I felt some pelvic pain. I hadn't experienced that in any other TTC attempts (this is our 3rd month).
I was moody most of that first week.
On Christmas, knowing damn well it was too early to test, I took a IC test, just looking for a Christmas miracle! (HA!) And of course, it was negative. I didn't get discouraged though, because I KNEW it was going to be, but just couldn't help myself and decided I shouldn't test again until at least January 1st (another full week later.)
The last three days I've been sleepy in the afternoon(s), and have been going to bed earlier. Very strange dreams these nights as well.
I haven't had much of an appetite for the last week. Don't get me wrong, I've been eating but I feel full ever when I'm hungry.
Boobs are a little fuller, but sometimes this happens before AF so I can't determine if it's the usual or not.
Yesterday I experienced a tiny tiny brown/red spot when wiping.
Yesterday I experienced a dull pain in my left ovary area, and again today. Not consistent, it comes and goes.
Yesterday & Today I'm experiencing a itchy neck, for no apparent reason. It's so hard not to scratch at it, and when I do, it's really noticeable because hello-it's on my chest.
Took a pregnancy test this morning, with FMU, BROKE MY OWN RULE, and I probably shouldn't have-BFN. I only did it because I had such a sweet dream about having two pink lines, and I just could help myself. I woke up smiling and warm, and totally convinced I am going to be a mama. I've been feeling really connected to my body, and in my regular yoga practice I've been setting my intention on my healthy little embryo.
After testing this morning I confided in my text buddy (also TTC) about it and we both agree'd --still think it's too early to be testing. And once again I promised myself this morning, not to be disheartened, and not to test until Jan 2nd at the earliest.

So what y'all think? Am I pregnant?
When should I test again?

Baby dust to all! Love this community!


I almost forgot to include: this morning my BBT was the highest I've ever recorded it. I seriously lacked taking my temperature after the O-day because we had guests in town and wasn't getting up at a consistent time. However, based on the last 3 months of recording, I've never really had a temp above 97.9 and this morning I was t 98.24. Hmmmm

I'm right there with you...O'D on December 18th, and all kinds of symptoms(Fatigue is my biggie, went to bed at 8:30, that never happens. Had a weird dream last night, almost never happens, Very full feeling and have not ate anything, tons of gas, Acne, Leg cramps... I can go on...Its frustrating for sure...and This is also my 3rd month trying! Took a test this morning and I am just going to wait until after the first of the year.

Keep me posted Tbias! Here's hoping 2017 is our year! <3 Are you a 86 baby? me too! 

YES! born in 86...will be 31 in March :'( I will keep you posted as you please do the same. I just cant shake this feeling that I am. So I am going to try and hold off until the first of the year even though the COUNTDOWN TO PREGNANCY said to test today...but I did this morning but with those Clear Blue Easy Blue dye and it was like the line was there then Nada. so I was like what the heck and threw it in the trash. I did read on the back that they are not but 51% accurate at this DPO.

I'm 9dpo - BFN this morning but temps higher than ever. More CM than normal for me. Cramping since 6dpo to now and I usually dont cramp until 1day before AF. Very slight spotting only when wiping. Tomorrows NYE and I just want to know if I can drink. It's probably just AF early symptoms but praying I'm pregnant. I'll take another test NYE morning but AF not due until Monday. Born in 85 trying for my first so no clue what to expect. 

"Tomorrows NYE and I just want to know if I can drink." --haha girl I feel ya on that! I love a stiff bourbon, but I've been good and haven't had anything to drink post O-day, and only one small cup of coffee in the morning(s). I figure(d) I should treat the TWW as if I were pregnant until proven otherwise. I'm praying for both of us girl! Hang in there! Tonight I'm making 'mocktails' so it's not ovious to other folks I'm avoiding alcohol. I only had spotting that one day-- 9 DPO Since then my BBT has been going up, in the 98's which it's never been that high before. Hoping that's a sign. I also had some minor bleeding when brushing my teeth the last two nights, never had that problem before so I'm wondering if that's a early symptom? We sure can drive ourselves crazy, eh? Hang in there. Baby dust and sticky beans to us all! <3

@Tbias86 Any sign of AF or BFP yet? I'm still getting BFN :( But AF was due yesterday-so confusing! Keeping my fingers, toes, and everything crossed! 

AF showed her ugly face Saturday while I was in the gym exercising :( So Im out this time and Hopefully next month will be it...I am just gonna focus now on losing weight and getting fit and no more focusing on getting pregnant, but wont prevent it either. All my other pregnancies I never tried they just happened so thats what I am hoping for. Good Luck to you and keep me posted. Baby Dust ***

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