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Hi there everyone, just like all of you I am going through the process of driving myself insane by testing way too early (and getting BFN's, of course), one day I feel pregnant, the other one not.

Long story short: My boyfriend and I bd'ed early AM and had a little unplanned exchange of bodily fluids (partially inside of me, sorry if TMI). I thought I'm ok since I didn't expect my ovulation until 5 or 6 days later (28 day cycle). However, in the middle of the night I woke up from a strong sting in my left ovary and thought "Oh no, I ovulated, I am pregnant" - the next day at 4pm it did an OPK and it was strongly positive (don't know if they would have been positive the days before, didn't test). The next day at 4pm another OPK, then the day after negative OPK.

Just as a general side note - I have been pregnant several times before, my fertility is hyper. But that doesn't mean that this one automatically turns into a pregnancy, I know. Last year I was pregnant and tested positive at 10am on 9DPO (I was charting and doing OPK's. My blood came back that day with HCG at 13 and docs couldn't believe it when I said I'm preggo. Until they saw blood results)

Here are the symptoms:

2/20 - DTD AM

2/21 - 1AM - sharp pain right side, “I think I’m pregnant” feeling

2/21 - 4PM OPK strong positive, very crampy * O-day

1DPO - cramps left side, white wet CM

2DPO - cramps left side, silly argument with BF ;-/ worst anxiety, creamy CM

3DPO - no cramps, boobs/nipples a bit tender, feeling like UTI/yeast infection, Tarot card predicted pregnancy (The Empress & Ace of Wands)

4DPO - AM strong brief above pubic bone, boobs are warm, feeling tired and obsessing

5DPO - sensitive to food/grease, tired, tight feeling in tummy, boobs a bit fuller

6DPO - sensitive sense for smell, thirsty, different taste, breasts feel fuller and warm

7DPO - sore breasts woke me up „I‘m pregnant“, feeling nauseated, sense of taste/smell different, breasts feel fuller and sensitive, blue veins show up, sore ovaries

8DPO - dreamed of a baby, but not feeling pregnant today, feeling calm, no tightness in tummy, afternoon feeling a bit crampy, tired, white CM

9DPO - woke up felling “not pregnant”, not sure if I imagine boobs a bit bigger or if it’s a fact, start to wonder if I miscalculated and am only 7 or 8 DPO, light cramping, feeling a bit teary, constipation, still milky thin CM

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