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Too Early or No?

I am a tubal reversal patient, so my tubes are shorter than most ladies which could mean that i may get implantation earlier? I had nothing for 4 and a half years then in October of 2017 I finally got pregnant! Unfortunately it ended in miscarriage. I had REALLY low progesterone. So I am on progesterone now. Here is what I am experiencing this month. Do you think im pregnant?

I NEVER have a high libido. I'm just meh and have been for years. BUT in October of last year I got hit with a huge way of libido so much that hubby wsa fighting me off. I ended up pregnant! Well this month its back. We BD'd a lot to say the least. Its all I could think about. I even woke him up at 4 am because I couldnt sleep and had to have it.

Since ovulation, I am now 7 dpo. the libido is gone. I have tons of creamy CM, so much that hubby said he cant have sex with me because it feels so thick in there he cant feel anything. Sorry TMI!! Yesterday at 6dpo, my boobs started looking full and today at 7 dpo my boobs really hurt. My boobs never hurt. Never. They didnt hurt when i was pregnant either in October. And now instead of laying awake thinking of laying awake thinking of food. Not like a snack. I mean like I gotta have a real meal, fried chicken, roast and potatoes. And for the past two days...whether I take a nap or go to bed, I gotta get up and pee in the middle of the night or in the middle of a nap. Ususally when I get a nap, I have a hard time sleeping, but not the past two days. I am falling sleep in the middle of movies. I'm having cramps too,


I'm in the same boat! I'm only 4 DPO but my libido is totally gone. I feel super bloated and crampy and my appetite is up. Can't seem to get enough sleep. I'm just so exhausted the last few days. The wait is killing me but I feel in my gut that I am pregnant.

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