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Too early still?

So I posted on here when I was 6 dpo. Didn't get much response.

I had a + OPK 1/21/17
BD 15,17,19-22
First month using preseed, and 5th cycle with Femara

2dpo- severe lower back pain, headache
3dpo-severe lower back pain,mild cramps,headache
4dpo-mild cramps on left lower abdomen,tired,stuffy/runny nose,sore nipples
5dpo-mild cramps,gassy,emotional
6dpo-back pain,headache,acne on chest & forehead,runny/stuffy nose,tired,occasional mild cramps,emotional
7dpo-back pain,gums bled while brushing,sneezing,emotional
8dpo-back pain,headache,gassy,starvvving
9dpo-starving again,back pain,mild cramps,gassy,emotional (cried)
10dpo-back pain,mild cramps,headache,tired
11dpo-mild cramps,stuffy nose,sore boobs-BFN
12dpo-SORE boobs,cramps

Do you think I still have a chance? AF is either supposed to come Friday or Sunday.

Am I Pregnant?


All sounds really positive, 11dpo is still quite early to detect hcg. Fingers crossed! Xx

I took a test today! It's positive! Took two dollar store and one digital! 

never posted on one of these sites before but I'm going nuts!! I am lucky enough to have a son so I know what I'm feeling feels soooo like pregnancy symptoms but I thought that a few months and got a BFN...but then again that was different to this month. I'm not sure but I think I'm 9dpo and still nothing on a test...stupidly started doing one at 6dpo...duh!! I know!! But the ones j have are 10mlu so u thought this morning something would show but it didn't...anyway I have had cramping since ovulation and then about a week later had pinches and pokes in a very specific place...also been thirsty, moody, had that feeling where your breasts clench when your milk is coming in, felt sickness in the morning and yesterday I stood up and thought I was going to vomit. I also have very dark urine which is strange because there is no reason for it as I've had it tested and no infection...please somebody tell me there is a chance that a 10mlu test could still be negative at 9dpo and go on to be positive because I can't take another month of this

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