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Too scared to test!

This is technically our 12th month Ttc. I ovulated on the 27th and I have very regular cycles of 28 days. I was due for my Af yesterday. I have no sign of Af and I usually have brown tinged cm 1-2 days before Af. Symptoms- I got sick on 7 dpo, crazy watering eyes, sneezing, running nose (I rarely get sick. I had crazy soaking night sweats three days in a row starting 9 dpo. My nipples and breasts have been sensitive, light cramping/heaviness low by my belt line for the past week or so. I have had crazy heart but for 3 days. All signs point to pg but I’ve done this 12 times now and I am so freaking scared to see the bfn.

Am I Pregnant?


Still no AF, mustering the courage to test on Sunday.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! I took a test this morning and got an instant BFP!!! Omg I am beyond elated! 12 months of trying!

Taking a pregnancy test is physically fairly simple to do. You purchase a test, commonly referred to as a pee stick, and well, you pee on it. That’s not so hard to do, right? Well, not so fast there. Many women find taking a pregnancy test very difficult to do emotionally. They have very specific things they would like the test to say. Though the preference of positive or negative may vary from woman to woman. The fear of the answer is still the same. The bottom line is that not testing does not change the outcome of the pregnancy test. You are either pregnant or you’re not. Your period might show up. You might not be pregnant. You might be pregnant. Not taking a pregnancy test doesn’t matter to anything other than what you can control. However, if you are pregnant, finding out sooner, will be helpful at getting prenatal care and making safe choices for you and your family. Advertisement Advertisement For those fearing a negative pregnancy test, there may have been years of trying attached to the answer. Perhaps lots of expensive fertility tests have been had. Even beyond that, simply wanting to be pregnant is enough to stir the question in the minds of women –— am I pregnant?

Society often fails to recognize the grief caused by infertility. So people struggling to conceive tend to hide their sorrow. Which only increases feelings of shame and isolation. Finding other people who are going through the same thing can help you see that fertility problems are widespread and your disappointment is understandable. Share stories and advice about fertility problems with others or find a support group in your area. If you'd like to talk to a therapist, look for one who understands reproductive medicine. Fertility problems are very complex, and if a therapist does not understand the medical issues, he or she won't be able to help. My specialist in Bio tex clinic understood my journey and he gave me the best treatment. I think that's the best thing to do now. Rather than staying at home and being afraid taht you are pregnant or not. You need to be optimistic to go through a procedure. But if you're too hopeful, if your hope is unrealistic you'll be setting yourself up for a huge fall.

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