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Trying to conceive for a yr

Period started 9/12 ...period is usually every 28 days but has been as late as 35 days lately since I took out my iud last yr (ttc)..I am 40 with 2 teens... Started clomid on 9/16 (50g/5 pills,5 days) ... -opk in the morning on 9/25, started cramping that night but didn't test. on 9/26 i got a +opk in the morning and evening. I don't temp but I believe I ov'd on that day because of vicious cramps I had. DTD/BD on 9/22 & 9/26 ...used preseed, no cm
1dpo +opk in the am & -opk in the evening, nauseous, ov cramps were bad
2dpo spasms like crazy in lower abdomen, throbbing bb
3dpo saliva fills up mouth after brushing teeth awful
4dpo lower back pain is bad and gassy
5dpo mostly tired
6dpo achy lower back I couldn't help got a cheaply and it was negative
7dpo today and I feel menstrual cramps but it feels different/gassy
I usually get cramps a week before my period is due so I lost hope this month. I am driving myself nuts ..ask me any questions. Do u think I'm preggo with these early weird symptoms or it's clomid playing tricks with my brain again.?

Am I Pregnant?

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