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TTC #2

Hi Ladies,

My husband and I had to work with a fertility clinic to conceive baby #1. I was diagnosed with PCOS; all I had to do was take ovulation drugs and do an ovulation trigger shot. We conceived on the first cycle. Since having my son 2 years ago, I've had pretty regular cycles (which was not normal for me pre-baby). We decided to start TTC about a month ago, and my gyno said as long as I'm ovulating, she would give us 6 months of really trying before moving on to fertility treatments again. Used OPK's, got a positive one evening and just happened to BD that morning (before getting the positive!). So, it's now been 2 weeks, and yesterday afternoon I got a SUPER faint line on a preg. test (not digital). I couldn't believe it!! After everything we had to do to conceive our son, and now it feels like we barely tried and I got a positive. I know even a faint line is a positive, but I just don't want to get too excited yet. I took another this morning with FMU and it was still very, very faint. When should it be getting darker? With our first baby, I did blood tests at the fertility clinich, so I've never done this the "normal" way haha!

*I would like to add a pic of my tests, but not sure how?*

Am I Pregnant?


The amount of hcg in your body should b increasing everday. I would wait a couple days before testing again. Is AF due yet?? I don't mean to be a Debbie downer, but I had once  a SUPER faint line (AF was a few days late) which ended up being a chemical pregnancy. :( I tested 3 days in a row when AF was late and the second line never got darker, then started bleeding followed by a heavy AF. Hope that's not the case for u! Good luck!!

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