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Ttc #2 w/ bf 1yo

Ttc #2 while breastfeeding my 1 year old toddler with cycles ranging from 28 days to 33 days since my postpartum menstrual cycles returned last September. I had an emergency c section with my one and only and I’ve been taking supplements ever since my cycles returned. Gave up opks and charting since it drives me nuts!!!!!

BD so much that I will be surprised if we missed it. I’ve been having symptoms beginning CD 15/16 that might have been a successful ovulation period. What I did differently this cycle: tried soy isoflavones at 200mg at cd1-5

On and off dizziness, on and off sore nipples, (tmi) loose stools, vivid dreams, af-like cramps, fatigue, hibernating-like sleeps plus naps/going to bed earlier/waking up later, tastes are off, congested, runny nose, EVERYTHING TASTES “OFF”... I can smell everything... (tmi) gassy, I stink!! Cramping on an off, hungry all of the time or I get shaky, bloated, stomach making the rumblies/growling....I feel like I’m on my period is the best way to describe it all but symptoms are extreme.....

I was told it’s hormones at this point and not pregnancy symptoms but I hope it’s all going to lead to a BFP!!! Took a test already to torture myself and of course it’s too early so bfn..... do my hormones sound promising?? Currently CD 21 with predicted OV on CD 16 - 21... but I have no idea when I ovulated.

Am I Pregnant?


Symptoms started CD 18/19...... plus I’ve been so clumsy and airheaded (more than usual).... a lot of drooling too haha

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