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TTC 5 years, Vitex, 9DPO Having symptoms?

Hey ladies! My hubby and I have been TTC for 5 years now. Crazy I know. We've been to specialists, Dye test, tried clomid twice, one time resulting in a MC. Tons of supplements... I could go on and on, I mean 5 years!
I have had irregular periods my entire life, I'm 30 years old. Hubby was tested and everything was great. It seems I am too, I'm just not ovulating due to my irregular cycles.
So I heard about Chasteberry (Vitex) and got pretty excited after reading stories! I've been taking vitex, along with Dong Quai, EPO, and several other important supplements since 2 days before my last cycle. (I believe the vitex made me start).
I'm now at CD23 about 8-9 days DPO. I should mention I also took mucinex on the days we tried.

I've had terrible indigestion and heartburn the past two days along with spurts of nausea. The nausea could be from the headaches that I'm experiencing as well. I've also had minor cramping, serious frequent urination, and overall just not feeling well. All of these symptoms seem to come more so in the afternoon/evening.
I'm symptom spotting like crazy, obviously I want this more than anything. IVF is our last option BC of how expensive it is.
If you can give me any advice at all, tell me your thoughts, I'm not really talking to anyone else about it BC of how long we've been trying. I need to talk about it with people who understand :)
Thanks for reading!

Am I Pregnant?


Been trying over a year and 30 as well. I started taking Vitex two cycles ago because I had concerns about a short LP, and I have no doubt that it made me ovulate that cycle: I had pretty clear ovulation pains followed by mid cycle spotting for the first time ever. That was my good news.

And then the symptoms started, mild cramping, pings in breast I had only ever read other women describe before, clearly yellow CM (not an infection) and then around 9 dpo serious nausea from then until AF. It was not in my head and I was convinced we had done it. But tests came back BFN and then AF arrived a few days early. I was seeing online the vitex helps your body create more progesterone which can really mimick early pregnancy. It definitely did something for me, which was good, but it was heck on my emotional because I had a very different TWW. 

Certainly you could get that BFP this cycle, but I wanted to pass along my very recent vitex experience. 

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