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TTC Baby #2

I have longer cycles. 35/36 days. Last 2 months I've gone to 29 days cycles. We've ttc for about 4 months but not aggressively. I've used the Ovia app to track ovulation. I was supposed to ovulate sometime between 7/19-7/24. We dtd every other day during that time. Now I have major pms symptoms. I'm not supposed to start my period until 8/5. However it seems like I'm going to start any minute. Boobs are extremely sore. To the point I couldn't sleep last night. Nipples are fine just the actual boob hurts. And they feel full and heavy. My lips are dry. Usually I can put some vasoline on them at night and they are fine in the morning. Not past few days. They stay dry. Joints are a little sore. But that's normal for pms symptoms. And I have slight cramping to pulling in upper abdomen. Tired, all I wanted to do yesterday is sleep. Is this a good sign? Or Am I reading into it?

Am I Pregnant?


I took hpt today and it was negative. I'm 3 days away from AF still. So it may have been too early.

Also boobs have become even more sore. Took my bra off and could barely walk without them hurting so bad!

For anyone who is looking for my results. Took another test today and I got my bfp!! Not many people post updates and other ladies are often wondering if they were pregnant. So yes I am pregnant. I also developed petechiae. But not severe. Just dots here or here. On my face, boobs, belly and legs. Starting to see some on arms.

Thanks for posting your update! Yay!

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