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TTC, day 11 DPO confused. First day of my last period was July 2 and I think I ovulated on Sunday, July 17 which puts me at 11 DPO. I had very unusual twinges and mild cramping almost all day/every day from day 4-7, with some moderate cramping (had to lay down) on day 7. This is unusual for me, as I rarely have moderate PMS symptoms, especially that early. I had a terrible headache on day 7-8 DPO (which isn't, in itself, unusual for me). However, since then, almost all TWW symptoms have disappeared. The only thing I feel now is a bit bloated. No soreness, cramping etc anywhere. Took two HPT's at 10 DPO & 11 DPO and both negative.   Could something have happened around day 7 or 8 and I'm not pregnant? Or is it common for symptoms (that were definitely not in my head) to disappear like that? Expecting AF in a few days, so I guess I'll find out more then. I'm new at this TTC stuff, so any thoughts would help! If it's not my month, it's not my month :)

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We have pretty much the same cycle and symptoms. My LMP was also July 2 but I think I ovulated on the 19th so I'd be 9 DPO. Have the same symptoms with the twinges and cramping that I never usually get w/ AF or O. Also had a horrible headache for a few days. Every pregnancy is different so there's still a possibilty you could be pregnant. I've had 2 miscarriages and my symptoms were always different. 1st one only had nausea...nothing else. 2nd pregnancy had sore bbs and fatigue. Don't give up hope until AF arrives. Hope she stays away! Keep me updated. Hope you get ur BFP soon! ***sticky baby dust***

Thanks, you too! It seems so odd to me that I felt such different symptoms earlier and now nothing.  Like you, the twinges and cramping was very different that what I usually would have for PMS or O. Expecially the "twinging" part...that's the only way to describe it, as it didn't really hurt. I didn't even know it was a possible pregancy/post-ovulation symptom until I googled "twinging after ovulation" and it brought me to this site! I'm feeling normal pms-y, with reeeally mild symptoms like usual. :/  keep me updated!

I too have had similar symptoms and think I ovulated on July 17th. I call it pings of pain in my lower abdomen and breasts. However, yesterday (possibly 11DPO) I didn't have any symptoms at all except a little sore throat. I took my BBT this morning and it was super low, and I felt really upset. I tested negative yesterday and thursday, so I'm waiting until tomorrow to test again. Those negative tests drive me crazy. Baby dust to you!!

hi there! i just want to know the result of your HPT today. i had same symptoms as yours last week and it disappeared starting yesterday. my LMP was July 7 and had BD on Jul 14 and 15. starting Jul 21 i had hot flushes every night, crampings, backaches, nausea, sensitive to smells until Jul 30, though this past few days i peed for almost 10 times a days which is very unusual and still have backaches. these things are very unusual to me so i wanted to know if im really pregnant or could be other reason. i already had my HPT last Jul 30 and 31 and all are negative.

thanks and goodluck for all of us..

Hi all,

My HTP's have been neg (testing pretty much every day...argh), but I am now 2-3 days "late," I suppose, although I'm not sure I have a super consistant cycle.  So, no real symptoms anymore, but I've pretty much given up hope this month, even though I'm late, because I keep testing negative.  I figure If I were pregnant, I would have had a BFP by now, no?

Good luck to all!

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