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TTC, First PP Period or Pregnant?

I had my first child nearly 11 months ago. He's slept through the night since 8 weeks old (for the most part), and we had all kinds of issues with breastfeeding so he was constantly supplementing, started solids at 4 months, and I slowly cut down breastfeeding until he was completely weaned April 28th.

I still haven't gotten my period since I weaned on April 28th, and today is June 3rd. My husband and I are TTC our second and are really hoping to catch our first pp egg but it's feeling like a needle in a haystack because we have no idea when/if I'll ovulate and when AF will come back! We've been having unprotected sex since I weaned.

I last took POAS May 28th and got a BFN, but there's been some odd stuff happening which makes me hopeful I might be pregant.. but as I've never had a pp period yet, I'm not sure whether it's actually AF - and the suspense is brutal because I have no 'AF date' to count down to! I've been going crazy trying to find stories of signs of AF returning PP and being pregnant before first pp period and there just isn't much out there - so if any previous posters could offer any of their experiences that would be amazing!

The strangest thing that happened was around May 24th my sex drive came back with a vengeance. Literally had little to no sex drive since giving birth even though we'd still DTD, but all of a sudden it was back, and really peaked May 27th, slowly tapering off to being like how I was before I was ever pregnant. I read that this could be a sign of ovulation later, I do think I had EWCM. I had some mild cramping and was feeling really tired, and then was having what kind of looked like mucus plug release from the 28th to 31st. I was also getting what looked like EWCM after bowel movements during that period too. On May 29th I had 2 instances where I wiped and had dark brown discharge like spotting. I've had mild bloating and cramps and increased urination. Saturday night/Sunday June 3rd morning I had bad cramping that woke me up a few times at night, then in the morning and afternoon had sharp pinching pains with my cramps. I had this last time about 1 to 2 weeks before I got my BFP. So that was yesterday, today I feel bloated and a just off - and think I may be pregnant. If I test tomorrow, and if I ovulated at my height sex drive day May 27th, that would be 9 DPO... I'll post an update, but what do you PPs think? Pregnant or first PP Period?

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