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Two days no period

My boyfriend and I have been ttc for a while we took a break when I got pregnant and lost the baby at 3 months pregnancy. We recently moved and are in a better place and are moving forward. Last month July 23 we had sex while I was ovulating. I was supposed to get my period today and nothing came. I’ve been checking my cervix and it’s high and soft can’t tell if it’s closed or open. My breast are tender especially my nipples, I feel nauseous all day and over the weekend I basically slept the whole day and I’m so exhausted. I have been constipated and I am hungier than usual. When I check my cm it’s wet and stick some clunks of white and no brown or red signs of period.My bf swear up and down I am pregnant. When he presses against my abdomen it’s super tender and I feel like I have to pee. I have taken plenty of test and three have showed very faint lines where you can barely see them and the rest are negative. I feel scared and don’t want to get my hopes up but does it sound like I am pregnant? Thank you!

Am I Pregnant?


My doctor sent me to do the blood pregnancy test, fingers crossed it’s positive

Hey was just wondering what the result of your blood test was? Would help me alot to know. :) thanks xx

I’m still waiting for results, they said I should have it by the next day!

The blood test came out negative. My doctor believes I am pregnant, they found the hcg horomone in my blood but not enough to count it as positive. She said it’s only been 15 days, 2 weeks since you could’ve conceived. It’s still pretty early to tell. She said it happens to a lot of women that try to find out early but comes out negative but in fact pregnant, their body just doesn’t provide hcg levels as fast as other. She said since your period is almost a week late wait two more weeks to test again if you don’t get your period but she doubts it. Fingers crossed!!! Now another two week wait!

Hi, I'm understanding all the symptoms which you are talking about. I know it might be the pregnancy signs.but as you are saying you shouldn't grow up your hope.becouse in case of negative you will feel hurt.i know you are desiring a baby. but it's not enough to have a baby. I think you should go for a medical checkup. but only on the clinics which are serious about their patients.i've heard about a clinic Lotus.they are very irresponsible. they don't care for their patients. its a sincere suggestion.its is just wastage of time and money. so please avoid this. its good for you that you are hopeful and you should. because hope is very necessary for any purpose. I'm very glad about your positive thinking.

I will help you with some tips for you to wait till when it is appropriate to test. Ever notice how time seems to slow down when you’re either really nervous about something or anxiously awaiting a deadline? Kind of like how the night before an exciting holiday has the same number of hours as every other day, but they tick by so much slower. The two week wait can be like this. One way to help the time go by faster, or at least in normal speed, is by keeping busy. Keeping busy may mean working more, but it can also mean planning meaningful, distracting fun. For example, perhaps the two week wait would be a great time to: Schedule a date with your partner, or with some friends. Rent or go see a movie. Plan a day for those errands you keep not getting around to doing. Learn a new hobby you’ve been meaning to pursue. Clean out a closet or two. Imagine how neat the house could be if every two week wait, we passed the time cleaning! I'm not sharing this tip with my husband, haha. It doesn’t really matter how you fill the time, as long as you fill it with something. My doctor at Bio tex helped me with these tips and they helped me put.

what did the doctor say in the end? if you don't mind me asking x

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