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Hi everyone. i am very new here, been stalking this site a couple of days while im currently on TWW period. I would like to share that I just have my2nd IUI (02Aug). Today is my 12DPIUI. The AF like symptoms is making me crazy. Im due to have my AF by 17Aug and like i have 3 days more to wait to final say BFN or BFP. I would like to ask if anyone here experience what ive been thru. for last week i felt like cramping for 3 consecutive days which af due is still very far. and i had this 1 day that my V feels some numb(weird feeling) but it just lasted a minute, yesterday and today feels headache. and I have tested 10DPIUI and got BFN. My heart tells me i will get BFP but partly it says no not this time. to share with you my processing before the iui. My DH has very good sper, count/motility as per OB and i just had 4 INJECT of Foliculin and 1 inject for trigger(01aug). This evening 11DPIUI I eill test again. I am hoping I can get BFP. Is this too early to do the test again? or should I wait until the 17AUg? what other symptoms should i look to have a positive outcome.
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will you be updating the outcome :-)

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