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Tww is killing me

My husband and I planned on ttc in May and on cycle day 8 our condom completely busted. I was having lots of ewcm and have short (24 day) cycles so feel like i ovulate early. If we are pregnant we would be so happy. Normally I wouldnt think i would be pregnant from one time as it took 6 months ttc my daughter, however, i just lost 65 lbs and seem to be ovulating more regular. I have a dull ache in lower back, belly feels a bit bloated and a hint of low belly cramps. Period is due in 5 days. Test was bfn... maybe too early?

Am I Pregnant?


I don't have any advice, but just wanted to let you know I feel your pain!! I am in my TWW now and trying not to obsess over every perceived 'symptom'. Like, here's an example of my thought process this morning. Got out of bed and was dizzy for a few seconds. 'Omg, does that mean I'm pregnant? I must be, right, right?!' When, really, I was just super tired and that's why I was dizzy. 'Oh, but am I super-tired because I'm pregnant? I must be, right?!' And on and on, all day long. I've been staring at the calendar repeatedly counting down the days until I can test. I have a week to go before AF is due. And I think I've spent more than enough time staring at those white strips trying to see a nonexistent line. Anyway, I suppose the best thing to do is to try to keep busy and not think about it. An impossible task, I know. Good luck!

The two-week wait is a time of high anxiety, worry, and frustration for women trying to conceive. In case you're not familiar with the phrase. The two week wait is the time between ovulation and your expected period. This is when all your am-I-pregnant-this-time anxieties emerge! During fertility treatment cycles, the two week wait can be even more frustrating. Your fear of failure and your hopes are higher. There are many 'what-ifs' floating around. OK, perhaps it’s too much to ask you to flat-out stop obsessing. But at the very least, take whatever pregnancy “symptom” you think you’re having along with a grain of salt. Many of the so-called early signs of pregnancy are caused by the hormones that are naturally present every two week wait. This is why those months when you were sure you were pregnant. Because you felt pregnant, didn’t result in a positive pregnancy test. Feeling pregnant does not always mean that you are. And keeping in mind that the “signs” don’t mean anything can help lower your anxiety.

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