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Usual vs Unusual. TTW will be the death of me.

Hi everyone! My spouse and I just declared the "if it happens, it happens" attitude when it comes to having a baby and I have been feeling like we have this time. First off, we made love one day before I ovulated. Usually after making love, a lot of cum will come out in the toilet or whatever but this time nothing really came out. I honestly didn't think much of it and went to bed. The next day I felt my usual ovulation cramps. 2nd dpo I started feeling very bloated with cramps. Quite a bit early for my AF but definitely something I experience prior to AF regularly. I should also mention that I am a very healthy eater and drink water regularly so bloating from diet isn't usually a thing for me. 3rd dpo my boobs started to hurt and I was feeling extremely bloated with mild cramping. All are usual AF symptoms but yet again, too early. 4th dpo My left boob nipple was in agonizing pain and mild cramping. Very unusual for boob. Under my nipple was also very tender while the right boob felt normal pre AF tender. 5th dpo left boob still way more tender than right boob with cramping. 6th dpo feeling very good in the morning for the first time since ovulation. Well rested and all until the afternoon. Then I started to feel nauseated. My office is very hot (no a/c) so I blamed that. Boobs are still tender but not nearly as much as the were. Nipples are the most tender spot. Still mild cramping but not as bad and bloating has subsided. 7th dpo I woke up again feeling like a million dollars and then everything went downhill in the afternoon. I got intense cramping which subsided after a few hours and then got nauseous. I was at work in my office so again I was blaming the heat but this time I gagged into my office garbage. I left my office to find some a/c. About 2 hours later I gagged again but this time I wasn't hot. Both gagging moments were surprisingly sudden. My nausea passed and I felt better for the rest of the night. Decided to take a closer look at my boobs (which are still tender) and compared them to a sexy selfie from a few months back and they are 25% bigger. I don't feel like I gained weight but I also don't keep track because I am petite. I showed my spouse and he agrees they are significantly bigger. I am skeptical because this all seems way too soon to be feeling like this for a BFP. Today is the 8th dpo and I again woke up feeling fine with just nipples feeling tender. I should mention this whole time my boobs have been hotter then the rest of my body. You can physically feel how hot they are. Not sure if I am reading too much into all this. I am hoping we are pregnant. I'm 35 and he's 40 so we are running out of time. Symptoms I haven't felt: tired, spotting, or milky discharge although I did have some small watery and white discharge 2nd dpo and 3rd dpo and that was it. What do you ladies think?

Am I Pregnant?


I haven't officially been pregnant yet (but I'm hoping this month is my month) so I don't want to vote yes or no just based off your you happen to track your bbt? I know you said you're going with the "when it happens, it happens" motto but temping would be helpful for an opinion. The tenderness your feeling is a good sign based off of others posts...and trust me, I've been reading a TON of them. FX for your BFP!

Only a small bit of nausea today. Still have really sore breasts and cramping and started to get heartburn from a glass of water before bed.

Having someone to talk to during your scheduled obsessing time, or any time for that matter, can help you cope. It can also help you cope with other aspects of infertility. Infertility is very difficult emotionally, and you don’t have to do it alone. A few ways you can find support include. Connecting with others online infertility forums or on social media (Be sure to connect with me on. Teaching your friends and family how to support you. Joining a live infertility support group. Finding a therapist who specializes in infertility. I personally have not tried out a live infertility support group, but I’ve heard many good things from women who have. I have found great support online. I think my online fertility-challenged friends have made the entire process of trying to get pregnant so much easier. Emotionally, anyway. I’ve also found therapy to be a great way to cope with infertility, including the two week wait.

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