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Waiting to test after 3rd IUI... feel AF on her way

Hi! I am new here and this is my first time posting ever. I have been a stalker for a little while. So many stories are encouraging for me. My background: 32 years old, low AMH (less than 1), 2 years TTC with unexplained infertility. 4 months of clomid, 4 months of letrozole, 2 months of injections, every round with a trigger shot and my 3rd IUI last Thursday. I loathe the 2 week wait as I'm sure many of you do. My biggest concern, which turns out to always be accurate thus far, is that I'm going to start my period because I can just feel all those stupid symptoms. Everyone talks about cramps, which I do have, but my main tell for my period seems to be just a really achy uterus. Almost like muscle spasms followed by a constant ache. But these symptoms happen almost immediately following my IUI. I also wonder if my timing for the IUI is off, but the doctors swear it is not. Day of IUI: very crampy and bloated, had to lay flat for 4+ hours, walking and moving hurt 1 DPIUI: Still crampy and bloated, but not as bad 2 DPIUI: boobs have started to really hurt, very sore and heavy, uterus is starting to ache 3 DPIUI: boobs extremely sore and heavy, uterus aching, crampy 4 DPIUI: same as day 3, but now my whole body is sore and my nose is running 5 DPIUI: same as day 4 6 DPIUI: boob soreness has significantly decreased, uterus just aches and I'm extremely emotional. had a major meltdown and cried a lot because of thinking my period is coming, asked God why why why? Gave it all to Him, begging him for a baby. 7 DPIUI: This is me today. Boobs are only a little sore and my uterus aches like none other. My whole body is sore. I woke up several times last night sore and nauseated, but not like puke-nauseated. So certain my period is coming. But I do not test until Tuesday, and I'm on prometrium suppositories, so I won't even start my period until I go off of them. Could I be pregnant still? I HATE this so much lol. I read stories every month about people claiming 100% period symptoms and end up with their BFP and freak out. I want to be that person lol. thanks guys :)

Am I Pregnant?


Cannot believe it. Will post on a different tab now and share my BFP story!

There are different symptoms that may indicate a pregnancy. After conception, your body produces a pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Which is responsible for several pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms vary for every woman and every pregnancy. Some women don’t have pregnancy symptoms until weeks after their first missed period. But others have symptoms as early as eight DPO. Or soon after a fertilized egg implants on the lining of the uterus. Women who are trying to conceive might pay close attention to their bodies to see if they notice any subtle changes that suggest an early pregnancy. But if you take a pregnancy test shortly after implantation. The test could return a negative result due to your body producing low amounts of the pregnancy hormone.

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