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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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Weird cycle or pregnant?

So I know I should just take a test but too many times I have swore I was pregnant and ended up with the all too familiar disappointment of a negative test so I figured I would ask before I do! My cycles typically 35 days if anything it's later when I'm overly stressed however last month my period was a week early and lighter in quantity. I started on September 30 with some light pink discharge that lasted a day before turning to bright red blood. I didn't really think much until this past week when I have started to have weird symptoms. (The smell of a giant box of crayons made me nauseous to the point I had to shut it and walk away, stomach bloating, sore boobs my husband got frustrated and said one thing about my text not making sense that I sent to his friend and I started bawling and today I have been cramping a dull cramp as if I'm preparing for my period

Am I Pregnant?


Are you taking any meds? My period became lighter when I took Metformin. What dpo are you sweetie?

Nope! No medication or birth control. I was actually returning from my honeymoon when my period came a week early.

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