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Weird Period or Implantation

Hi All,

So I usually have a 30 day cycle on the dot, except last month it was a day early. This month, after doing the BD with hubby 4 days before my period, I started lightly bleeding a few hours later. It was extremely light. I put a tampon in just in case and it barely filled anything up. It continued until the next day before turning brown and then continuing for another 2/3 days with just spots of brown every once in a while.

Usually, I PMS like a crazy person with sore boobs, mood swings, and heavy bleeding. This was light and I only started getting slightly sore boobs 4 days after my expected period. I have also been having major soreness in my abdomen and random headaches. Last night hubby and I tried to do it again but it did not feel the same. Weird.

I tested on the day of my missed period, December 25th, with a BFN. Too scared to test again in fear of being let down. Anyone care to share their thoughts or stories?

Thanks and very much appreciated.

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