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Weird period or pregnant??

I need help! I might be going crazy but I had a very weird period. I had a 28 day cycle last month and did not check for ovulation because we have been trying for months and I just needed a break from the stress. I had very sore breasts about 5 days before.I started Light spotting on April 3rd. I did not have any cramps leading up to or during my bleed which is unusual for me. I normally have a cramps a day or a couple days before and during my period and also have bright red blood and not brown red like I have been experiencing this cycle.
So CD 1 started light pink spotting in the morning and was a dark/red brown blood with clots (sorry tmi) by night time.
CD 2 my breasts aren’t that sore anymore and my period is the heaviest I’ve ever seen it still with clots.
CD 3 still heavy but stops bleeding completely by night time.
CD 4 only brown spotting and no red blood
CD 5 brown spotting until 10am and then dark red/brown blood.
CD 6 only brown spotting now. Still no cramps through all 6 days.
CD 7 a lot of dark brown spotting, dry throat and mouth. Took pregnant test and BFN.
CD 8 still brown spotting dry throat and mouth temp was 99.1!
CD 9 dark brown spotting in AM and light brown in PM. Still have dry mouth and throat, and so thirsty. I thought it might be ovulation bleeding but I have never gotten that and took a OPK and it was very negative. Temp was 98.3

My cycles are always 28 days and my period starts off light pink and is heavy for 3-4 days and then goes away completely by 5 th day. They are always the same. Never starting and stopping and I normally have cramps which I haven’t had even a twinge this time around. I would love to be pregnant but I don’t want to get my hopes up

Am I Pregnant?


Anything you feel before 6dpo is due to increasing amounts of progesterone produced by the corpus luteum. This happens until you get your period thats why people who actually have PMS symptoms mistake them for pregnancy symptoms. Having said that. If you are feeling cramping/pinching/pulling from 6dpo onwards I think that is a great sign. I got cramping for the first time ever this cycle between 6dpo and 9dpo. I also had a tiny bit of brown CM. The slight cramping was very noticable at night. This was really unusual for me because I only ever cramp the day before/day of my period. So I started getting excited. Then I had an 8dpo ovulation progesterone level and it was 60nmol/L. So then I got REALLY excited because it seemed like it was on the high side. No sore boobs, no big boobs, no nausea. I was really tired and cranky but that just might be me. Haha, and then low and behold at 10dpo a very obvious line!

Thank you so much for the reply.

I’ve taken multiple pregnancy tests since I posted and all negative but I have gotten 3 days of positive opks which I normally only have 24 hours of positive opks. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.
My temps remain high pretty consistent at 98.1-98.4.
Cd 11 constant migraine. I started cramping, dull cramps, not painful but apparent. Gassy. No CM.
Cd 12 constant migraine. Sore throat on one side. Gassy. Blue Veins on boobs and hips. Dull cramps. Shooting pains in boobs. Very itchy legs, feet and hands at night. Nauseous all day. No CM.
Cd 13 (TMI Alert) huge glob of snot like CM. Bronnish pink color, not egwcm. I looked up. Comparable pics and its only what I can guess was a mucus plug. (NEVER had that before) constant migraine. Sore throat. Gassy.
Dull cramps. Nauseous all day
Cd 14 constant migraine. No sore throat. Back pain. Dull cramps. Neck pain. Nausea all day. Bloated. Both hips are hurting. No CM.
CD 15 constant migraine. Woke up with earache in both ears. Bad neck pain. Nausea all day. Veins getting darker. Fatigued, almost fell asleep sitting up. Still having constant dull cramps no sign of subsiding. Creamy white CM.

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