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Ok so first off ill start by saying i have a dr appointment tommrow morning in about 26 hours but heres my storey for this crazy cycle im having below.... Ok so im currently on cycle day 56... I was on bc with Jadelle implant for 6.5 years (put in when second was 5 weeks old) and i had that removed may 1 2017. Im 30 and have two childeren from my previous relationship aged 10 & 6..( both of these pregnancies were results of failed depo provera) but much loved and wanted kids! Since then i had a 65 day cycle fiest one off it then a 32 then a 47 and now here i am at cd 56 I did some research and yea i realise it can take a while for normality to return however i was told by the obgyn who removed the implant that i *could* get pregnant from the day of removal... ok cool i thought sweet ill be pregnant by xmas then.. so far not going to plan Since having jadelle out ive had symptom city but nothing ever eventuates, sore boobs random discharge mood swings funny twinges and random cramps weird cravings.. . So this cycle i decided to start on vitex to get some normality going(sounds weird but i also feed it to my horse to help with hormonal issues and it works well with her) The few days before i take it im bloated and i mean super bloated. As in i look about 5 months preg. And its uncomfortable bending over Day after i start taking it i get ewcm(not that common for me to see) and everything ive read says vitex takes about 3/6 months to work so im not holding my breath that what seeing is due to the vitex but i take it as a good sign. (My partner and i bd every other day anyway) All good no other signs till a week later i get heaps of ewcm and i mean heaps its the most ive ever seen from me.we dtd the night before but its definatly not left overs the consitancy colour and texture and amount is all wrong for that. I got this about the 5th time id been to the loo for that day. Two days later i pee on a stick just to see - BFN :( Three days after that i get cramps and they are just like af cramps same place same intensity only they last a few hours and go away -when im on af i cramp the day before till the day im heaviest bleeding ... then the next day i wake up with the cramps lay in bed a couple hours and they go away. The next day(tbird day of cramping) they come on pretty strong after an orgasim(not normal for me) and i feel them in my back just like af and ive got panadol and a heat pack.. we have again sex that night and it eases the cramps alot. All this cramping and i think af will be here any minute but nope nothing at all. No blood no sign of af. Not even spotting Fast forward to today(5 days after cramping starts) i check my cervix its high soft and closed but im dry as. Cervix has always been a litle open but today is the first time ive felt it closed in the 7 months ive been checking daily. (Same time every day) With my messed up cycles i have no idea if/when im even ovulating This whole time ive always had some sort of cm usually creamy but always wet... What do you think? Guess im just passing time till i see dr tommrow..

Am I Pregnant?


Hi, I think that is very unusual to be sure. Would you mind updating us when you find out whats going on? I would be interested to know! I hope for the best for you!

So i went to the dr Blood test to check hormone levels results on monday negative urine preg test She gave me some progesterone to take to jump start my cycle for 10 days then stop and i should get af within 48 hours and start ovulating 14 days later...if that fails im to have a trans vaginal scan -she called it dildo cam and we had a good giggle. She said she sees it often after long term birth control use and to definatly see the dr after 6 months of af being irregular so those of you waiting for af to reset she might just need a kick start. Ive ordered a bbt thermometer and ovulation strips so hopefully we will be pregnant soon. Ill keep this updated as i know i have been lurking in so many forums and they dont tend to come back i definaly will

First off, thank you for getting back to us! That means so much and we look forward to sharing this journey with you! Second, I hope everything works out for you soon for you to be holding your sweet bundle of joy! I had a Dr. jump start my periods after I went anovulatory due to hypothyroidism. What was odd for me was I never had trouble bleeding. I had trouble getting it to stop. Oh well, I always was an oddball. lol After one and a half cycles of Provera pills I can tell you though that it worked and I am now ovulating ( I found out using BBT ). BBT charting helped me so much! There is an app online you can put your temps into and it's called OvaGraph. It should be advertised around here somewhere. lol It has helped me, even more, to understand what my body does and when. I read a book or two and looked up many questions on the internet, but this app was fantastic!! ((hugs)) prayers and baby dust to you!

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