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My boyfriend and I have been using a combination of the withdrawal method and condoms. My last period was January 20 to January 23. My cycle length is anywhere between 23-26 days every month. We had sex a few days before my period started and a few times after until I began to bleed again on January 30- February 2 (only 7 days later). It was very light. This confused me because it has never happened before & seems too early to be implantation bleeding. I wasn't expecting a period again until February 14. I began to bleed again on 2/7. This was light & only lasted a few hours when I wiped. So, I took a pregnancy test on 2/9 & it was negative. For the past few days I've been very hungry, tired, a little nauseous, and a high sex drive. I entered the strange bleeding as a period, so now my calendar is telling me that my next period is due 2/24. What do you all think? Could I be pregnant? Or could it just be hormonal changes? Has anyone else experienced this? Should I just wait until that day to see if it starts, or test again sooner?

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Am I Pregnant?


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