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i did BD 5 times leading up to ovulation
it Felt like I pulled a muscle in my pelvic area during fertile period
On two separate day 9/5 and 9/7 ovulation day was the 7th I
Do this often every other month naturally since I was younger
Sept 9,2017
2 Dpo
Felt extremely tired and weak.
Sept 10, 2017
3 Dpo..maybe
Am twinges in pelvic area left mid section uterus
Am/pm breast nipple itching .and side of left breast itching.
Right breast pain
Itchy pelvic area not
Uterus feels bloated
Stomach crampy- gas
Pineapples were too sweet to eat made me feel sick.
Energy level up…
Feels like I can smell everything …heightened.
Very Gassy
Sept 11,2017
Very itchy nipples sore breast inside my breast hurt
and twinges in pelvic area hungry before bed
Heightened smells.. left leg pain..
Pulling feeling on belly button, and pinching feeling under navel .
Felt a little overheated at night before bed everyone else was cold
Sept 12,,2017 5am
Woke up to a very itchy breast and back itchy skin..sore to move breast
intermittent Pain(light) pain left ovary.
Twinges in vaginal area..
Gassy..(but I ate vegan three bean chilli for breakfast)
Twinges sharp in right nipple
Left side and mid pelvic are dull pain
Vomited after eating salad
Inner labia slightly darker with a hint of bluish tint
feeling hot
6 dpo
Heavy sore feeling in vagina after sex (not common)
More twinges in right breast
Left ovary pain that radiates upwards and cramping
A bit congested …chest and nasal
Weird headache like it’s there but not there ..
Took a nap.. unusual
Foot cramps
Menstrual like cramps in my back
Stuffy nose
Feeling hot (hot flash that won’t go away)
Erect nipples for The past 3 days not common
Sept 14,2017
7 dpo
Sore nipples
One sided menstrual like cramps
left side front and back
Nausea feels like I want to vomit and like I have a
Sleepy around 3 pm (nap time) second day taking naps not common
Sore breast
Sore upper back
Craving peanut butter and jelly three days now
Breast pain tappering off maybe because I wasn’t wearing
A supportive bra for a few days and now that I am I don’t have
The shooting nipple pain .. but the shooting breast pain is still there
September 15
Irritated face skin just irritated
Back cramps more menstrual …
Ate peanut butter and jelly for breakfast
Pasty cm
Hot crampy foot
Calf leg cramps
Slight headache
Little bouts of nausea..
Nap time on queue 4pm to 7pm… something new
Cranky after nap (snapping on every body)
Cm went from pasty to creamy lotiony
More cramping after nap.
Breast sore after taking bra off.
After nap I was really Moody and didn’t want hubby to touch me
Just hot not feverish . Just like I want to be under the ac naked type hot
Sept 16,2017
Breast tender sore nipples to touch
Craving chocolate chip cookies
Slight stomach cramping
Wet feeling down there!tmi! not normal around this time im dry
No leg cramps yet normally get them around 6 dpo.
Intermittent weird spread out type pain right ovary
Pain the the back of right leg
lower back pain
Vagina pain felt like quick shocks
Burning sensation in right ovary
September 17, 2017
woke up with sore lower back pain
10 dpo nausea and tingling on sides of left breast
sleepy but i didnt give in to take a nap
face skin irritated and itchy
still feel very wet down below ( no smell) just extra cm
nipple still getting erect for no reason notice a few more bumps (Montgomery tubicules) on left breast last night they are still there but smaller

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