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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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What the heck is going on?!?!

Hi guys! So I know that I possibly ovulated somewhere between the 6th and 13th. I automatically got nauseated randomly one day for a few mins and the next 3 days after that was nauseated randomly. I started to get light cramping, bloating and excessive gas? It feels like gas that never goes away. Now I am having pretty painful cramping on the left side that intermittenly will shift to the left. Sometimes the gas pain is so bad it will go under my ribs. I almost fell in the shower the other day because I was dizzy. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I wonder if I am psyching myself out but I’m not due for my period until the 27th!

Am I Pregnant?


I guess you should be patient. Living with the suspense will not help. I would have told you to be patient. Or rather can I say that you are now in the two weeks wait. I can feel the anxiety that you are going through. Whether it is pregnancy or not. But get it from me. The more you assume it the better. It not only saves you from the disappointment. But it also helps you to focus on other things. Rather than being on the watch in whether your af will show up. Just let it be. If you are pregnant you will know. Unless you are going through pcos. That would have been a different case. But I am also going through the same. But Bio tex clinic has helped me a lot ad I can now smile that I have a child.

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